Must have Munchies: Snacks that Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday

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Ninety years is a long time for almost anything.  Being the icon of a major entertainment organization like the Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse looks better than ever for his age. He celebrates his 90th birthday this November!

To celebrate this most magical mouse’s milestone, Oreo, Campbell’s, and Pepperidge Farm feature Mickey with new must have munchies this year.  Shapes on these special snacks should be familiar to any fan of the main mouse.

Super snack supplier Nabisco is back with yet another limited edition special flavor Oreo cookie.  In addition to Cherry Cola Oreo and Kettle Corn Oreo, fans of the creamy icing filled chocolate (or vanilla) twin wafers are in for a magical treat later this year.

Thanks to images initially revealed on snack food friendly Instagram blogger “Junk Food Mom” photo page, we now know what was revealed at Chicago’s Sweet’s and Snacks Expo.  Though the post can no longer be found within her Instagram images, Celebrate Mickey Oreo packaging was on display during the event.

Celebrating an amazing anniversary, “Celebrate Mickey” Oreo cookies emerge for a limited time.  An exact date for Mr. Mouse’s 90th birthday cookie has yet to be announced (hopefully in time for Mickey’s special day on November 18th).  Celebrate Mickey Oreos signature chocolate cookie showcase three “fun Mickey designs.” Of course, as this is a big birthday bash being celebrated, birthday cake flavored cream fills these magical munchies with flavor.

Additional arrivals celebrate Mickey’s 90th

Campbell’s soup will also be releasing specially packaged products proclaiming Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary (as also revealed by Junk Food Mom’s Instagram feed).  Featuring vintage and classic poses of the big cheese, cartoon covered cans should soon be available at Target stores.

Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish snacks started celebrating already.  Spotted on the shelves of Target stores, Disney versions of the popular crackers are available now. Mickey Mouse shapes join classic cheddar flavored, fish-shaped bite sized snacks in brightly decorated packages featuring the classic cartoon character.

With Mickey gearing up for his big birthday bash later this year, there are sure to be even more magical mouse themed munchies and merchandise. Stay “tooned” to ITM for all the celebration fun surrounding this classic cartoon icon.

Which of these Mickey Mouse munchies tempt your taste buds?  Share your savory and/or sweet stories in the comments.

Source and images: Junk Food Mom Instagram, Scary Mommy, Michael Gavin

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