OREO’s new limited ‘Firework’ flavor lets you taste a nighttime spectacular

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OREO is at it again. The folks who brought you Swedish Fish, Peeps and Candy Corn flavored fillings, have an explosive new limited edition flavor, just in time for summertime fun. Fireworks OREOs are here!

Just imagine biting into a creamy, sugary version of a theme park fireworks show. (Whatever that means.)


We’re not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it definitely has its nostalgic novelty.  Firework OREO is more of a sensation than another flavor.  The same “classic” OREO, creamy filling sandwiched between two chocolate cookies, has an added surprise.  By adding popping candy (think Pop Rocks), OREO has added a new texture to tease the tongue.  The cookie pretty much tastes the same, with a bit of extra candy flavor, but wait another moment and things start to sizzle.  Fireworks for your mouth with every bite, just don’t eat them too fast or you’ll miss the fun.

This explosive new flavor is already beginning to find its way onto store shelves. It’s also available on Amazon. Expect to pay a premium when ordering online.

For those who like variety in their snack food, OREO flavors Red Velvet, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Bun, Lemon, Mint, Birthday Cake and Chocolate are still around too.

The Firework flavor isn’t the only new sensation this summer. There might be three more flavors are on the way from the cookie dubbed as, “Milk’s best friend.”  Instagrammer “candyhunting,” shares the scoop on new US “junk-food.”  Their Firework Oreo post was spot on, but was not the only one.  According to the images posted, we should see flavors like “Waffles & Syrup,” “Jelly Donut,” and “Mississippi Mud Pie” later this year.

If none of these new OREO variations strike a fancy with your taste buds, why not create your own?  It could be worth half a million dollars!

OREO is looking for next big flavor and is willing to pay handsomely for it.  My OREO Creation Contest asks fans to find flavor with the cookie (pun intended).  There are four ways to submit your sweet creation: text, post it on their Instagram page, reply to a social media post or register online.  Details can be found on the contest website. The contest ends at 11:59pm July 14, 2017.

Will you be trying the new Firework flavor?  Or perhaps the chef in you has a new taste in mind?  Please share your sweet stories in the comments below.

Source & Images: My OREO Creation Contest website; CandyHunting Instagram page; Teen Vogue

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