Disney Snack Review: Baton Rouge Beignets at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

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Disney vacations provide guests with magic at every turn. With exciting attractions, relaxing amenities and so much more, there is sure to be something for everyone. And if you’re like me, your favorite part of the trip will always be the food.

Some of Disney’s snacks are nothing short of legendary. The Mickey Pretzel, The Mickey Premium Bar and the Dole Whip are just some of Disney’s iconic options. But if you’re only trying the classics when you visit Disney, you are really missing out. Between their theme parks, their resort hotels and their dining and shopping districts, Disney has all kinds of amazing snacks to offer. Let’s take a closer look at one of those lesser-known offerings.

Baton Rouge Beignets

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort at Walt Disney World offers guests a taste of the Big Easy, in more ways than one. The beautiful resort is split into two different sections – Riverside and French Quarter. The latter is where you’ll find the Boozy Beignets.

Just off the lobby, before reaching the resort’s quick service restaurant, Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, you’ll find Scat Cat’s Club. This southern-style jazz lounge provides guests specialty cocktails, draft beer and some small plates, including the booze-filled Baton Rouge Beignets.

The fried fritters are a staple in New Orleans-themed dining, and you can enjoy them in all their powdered-sugary glory at Floatworks as well, but only at Scat Cat’s Club will you find them injected with alcohol.

You read that right! The Baton Rouge Beignets bring a little bit of a buzz. Each beignet comes with a small squeeze tube filled with one of three liqueurs inside. You can choose either Baileys, Kahlua or Rumchata. We went with Baileys for the purpose of this review.

Before biting into the pillowy pocket of deliciousness, you’ll want to squeeze out the liqueur, injecting it into the beignet. Pro Tip: the tube is longer than it looks and stretches almost the whole way across the beignet. You’ll want to move the tube around a bit while you squeeze it so you don’t put all the liqueur in one place.

Once you’ve finished squeezing out your liqueur, enjoy. The beignets are light and airy, making it easy to get some of the liqueur in every bite. When you distribute it just right, the combination is delicious. Again, we tried the Baileys Irish Cream, so I can’t speak to the other flavors.

Be warned though. If you end up getting a spot with more than its fair share of liqueur (and you probably will have at least one), be prepared to taste the alcohol. While these liqueurs aren’t exactly the strongest, the taste of alcohol will catch you off guard when you’re biting into a beignet. Otherwise though, these boozy bites are a delicious treat.

One order of Baton Rouge Beignets consists of three beignets, each one with its own tube of liqueur, and will cost you $8. This seems to me like a great price when you consider the fact that you’re essentially getting three beignets and roughly a shot (when you combine all three tubes) of your choice of liqueur. For comparison, over at Floatworks, three Mickey-shaped beignets will cost you $4.49.

My recommendation for this snack would be to maybe try the normal beignets first, just to make sure you enjoy them. Of course, if you have had beignets before then by all means go right to the top. These Baton Rouge Beignets are a unique treat that put a tasty spin on the New Orleans classic. They’re certainly worth a try.

Be sure to check back with Inside The Magic for more Disney Snack Reviews in the future as we venture out to try all the unique snacks Disney has to offer!

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