VIDEO: Infinity Falls raft ride construction update and exclusive look at new SeaWorld Orlando attraction

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Let’s take a look at the current status of the Infinity Falls raft ride coming to SeaWorld Orlando this summer!

SeaWorld Orlando is already an action-packed theme park full of adventurous attractions, and currently construction is underway for another exciting ride that will invite its guests to experience even more thrills. First announced in April of last year, the upcoming Infinity Falls raft ride will rush SeaWorld Orlando guests down a record breaking 40-foot drop.

Today, SeaWorld Orlando gave an exclusive look at the current construction of the attraction, which is being targeted to open later this Summer. At the moment, it still requires a decent amount of work before it can become operational.


During today’s tour, SeaWorld Orlando representatives showed off some of the newly-built additions to the attraction. However, critical parts of the attraction are still missing, including the ride pool that the rafts will travel through. This is in addition to many other elements of the ride still yet to be incorporated.

During the tour ITM got a look at the placement of the attraction’s queue, gift shop, lift, 40-foot drop and some already-completed ride tracks. In the video above you can take a look at some highlights from the behind-the-scenes construction tour and get some insight into some of the ride’s design and creation.


The tour began at the attraction’s loading platform. Here attendees learned of the ride’s ADA accessibility features with the use of a special platform that can easily shift rafts in and out of operation to give riders extra time to board. The image below provides a look at the construction area of the platform, which currently contains 70% of its trees.

To the left of this area is where the queue will be located. The queue is still in its early construction phase but props that will be found in the wait area have been placed around its future location.

The next part of the tour took us to the special 30-foot vertical lift. Not many water raft rides in North America have lift hills, which makes this attraction somewhat unique. Those that do have these features are usually not capable of lifting their riders up to 30 feet in the air to plunge them down a record-breaking 40-foot drop. A fun fact of this experience is that the lift will deliver riders to the top in five seconds.

Over the next few weeks, the tower will be receiving an icon structure to wrap around it to finish off its look. A SeaWorld representative stated that the wrap would be identical to the tower found on Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Another stop on the tour was of the main entry bridge to Infinity Falls. Here is where some of the attraction’s most enticing elements can be found. Not only does the ride come under this bridge but it’s also where visitors can get an incredible view of the 40-foot drop. This is also where guests can access the attraction’s main entrance and visit its gift shop White Water Supply.

White Water Supply will be opening prior to Infinity Falls and is where guests can purchase commemorative merchandise and get a preview of the Infinity Falls ride.

Lastly, ITM also got a look at the new Water Way Grill. This new quick service restaurant can be found right next to Infinity Falls, with similar theming. The restaurant was formerly the Terrace Garden Buffet but has since been reworked and will feature Southern American inspired cuisine with special tap brews.

As you can see, a lot of work still needs to be completed before Infinity Falls can begin welcoming guests. It is also currently in the middle of its commission testing which requires hundreds of ride cycles. At the moment, the attraction will not be opening until later this summer.

For more information on Infinity Falls, be sure to visit SeaWorld Orlando’s official website.

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