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  1. Susan Milne

    Congratulations Mike! It shows by all of your articles and videos how dedicated you are to your work at Inside the Magic. I have been very proud of you and enjoy your articles and videos posted these past few years. Wishing you now – all the best in your new position. Is break a leg appropriate here?- then, break a leg. (but I would rather you did’t) – Your mother.

  2. David

    Awesome news! Mike’s articles and especially his interviews always find that perfect mix between professionalism and geeky excitement. Happy for him and ITM.

  3. A wonderful evolution of ITM that I couldn’t imagine going to a more deserving successor. I had no say in this decision, but if I did I would have made sure Mike had the job. There is no one else I’d rather see take the editorial position than Mike Celestino. I believe he will steer ITM in exactly the direction it needs to become something even greatet than anything I would have dreamt up. Congrats and I hope to see you in Batuu.


  4. walter

    I would like to see the focus back on disney and not other theme parks!

  5. Jason

    Congrats! Maybe you can do something about the insane amount of ads that have come upon the site over the past 6 months or so. I have taken to visiting other sites, although I preferred this site not that long ago.

    FYI, it took **45** presses of my trusty Pg Dn key to make it from the end of the article down to the comments! That is utterly ridiculous.

  6. Mike Celestino

    The majority of our focus is definitely on Disney, but right now we do also cover Universal and a few other parks in Central Florida and Southern California.

  7. Mike Celestino

    The site has an auto-scroll function that will continually add internal links as you move down the page. There’s a quick link to comments at the very top. It says “Leave a comment” or “_ comments” depending on how many have commented already. If you click that it will instantly take you to the comments section.

  8. Zachary Eslick

    Yes Please Bring The Podcast

  9. Damion

    ditto to what Jason said, this site has become unbearable to navigate with all the ads and links to other articles

  10. Kurt Schmidt

    Thank you for all of the comments and I hope there are more to come. I too am excited for Mike as our Editor-in-Chief. I know he will contribute so much to Inside the Magic.

    I’m also thankful for everyone who has offered suggestions and opinions to help us improve the site. I wanted to let you know Mike and I are carefully considering these and others. In fact we often agree with the comments about ads, content, etc.

    We are currently in some phase of working on 4 solutions that I believe will help address some of these concerns. One of these solutions should be coming soon.

    Kurt – Owner of Inside the Magic

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