Auditions open now for Nickelodeon’s revived game show “Double Dare”

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Last week, we found out Nickelodeon has plans to revive its classic game show “Double Dare.” And now kids have the chance to be a part of all the dares, double dares and physical challenges!

Auditions are now open for “Double Dare” for teams of two kids who know each other.

Nickelodeon has ordered 40 new episodes of “Double Dare” to premiere this Summer and promises the reboot will “feature appearances from blasts from the past, longtime ‘Double Dare’ fans and stars from today.”

Parents can fill out the application for their children to audition for “Double Dare” here.

Are you excited for Nickelodeon’s revival of “Double Dare”? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Rebecca

    My daughter Gabrielle and nephew Jaden we’re great together they’re very competitive and would be great for this TV show

  2. Alicia Martinez

    My daughter Shaun’ta is very competitive and engages easily with activities she is dying to know how-to become a contestant on the show

  3. Alicia Martinez

    Hi it’s shaunta in want to know if it’s to late to enter because my birthday is right there and it would be a dream come true and so please let me do it

  4. caleigh

    Me and my brother would be great for this!Please let us do it!It would be a great honor! We love to compete against each other, so this is a good chance for us to team up for a change.

  5. Colleen Jones

    My daughter is Reilley is very competavies and loves challenges. I would like to know if I am able to sighn up for me and her to be on it, It would be a dream come true for her

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