Profiles in History to auction off R2-D2 remote control robotic character from the Disney Parks

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Straight from the Disney Parks, Profiles in History is getting ready to auction off one of the most accurate R2-D2s ever created!

Created using precise measurements, and an abundance of photographs, this remote control R2-D2 was designed to be an exact replica of the robot used in the original Star Wars trilogy. In fact, its creators used actual screen used R2-D2s from the original Star Wars trilogy as reference during its creation.

The droid first premiered in the Walt Disney World parks back in 2004 and roamed around the magical lands up until 2014 when it was retired. During this Droid’s commission it was featured at several important events.

This R2-D2 appeared with George Lucas and John Stewart as part of Star Wars Celebration of 2010, and with George Lucas again in 2011 at the reopening of Star Tours – The Adventure Continues at Walt Disney World.

This R2 also appeared in the 2013 Disney Christmas special, which aired on ABC. This droid even spent some time on the Space Shuttle Discovery at NASA on behalf of LucasFilm.

This R2-D2 is made of fiberglass and aluminum with a heavy duty drive system to allow the remote controlled droid to independently navigate the approximately one mile long parade route. It also comes fully functional with a brand new battery. Additionally, the droid can make up to 53 different sounds from the original trilogy and features fiber optic lights.

Take a look at the droid in action in the video below.

Currently it is estimated that the going price for this special droid will be anywhere from $100,00 – $200,000 and will be a part of Profiles in History’s Animation & Disneyana Auction on May 5.

For more information about the droid, be sure to check out Animation & Disneyana’s Auction guide or visit the official website.

Source: Profiles in History

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