PHOTOS: Lenny and Chuckles unveiled in Toy Story Mania! queue at Walt Disney World

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Lenny and Chuckles

As Toy Story Land takes shape at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, two new characters join the Toy Story Mania! ride queue. Represented through their original boxes, “Toy Story” favorites Lenny and Chuckles are now part of the attraction.

Chuckles, who was introduced in “Toy Story 3,” and Lenny, Andy’s walking binoculars, are the newest “Toy Story” characters to appear in the ride queue. When Toy Story Land opens on June 30, guests will walk into Toy Story Mania! through an all-new carnival game box-themed entrance.

Lenny and Chuckles

Lenny and Chuckles

Toy Story Mania!, a fan-favorite attraction since it opened in 2008, expands with a third track to welcome more guests. The attraction invites guests to take aim at 3D objects using things like cream pies and baseballs for a series of fun, fast-paced games.

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