Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, Angry Dogs, more food and games announced for Pixar Pier at Disneyland Resort

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As you’re likely already aware, Disney California Adventure‘s Paradise Pier area is currently undergoing a large-scale transformation into Pixar Pier, and that means in addition big changes like the California Screamin’ attraction becoming the Incredicoaster, all the existing eateries, take-out food stands, and shops along the pier will be receiving new Pixar themes as well.

During the Pixar in the Parks media preview this weekend at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, Imagineer Jeffrey Shaver-Moskowitz announced that the former Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company will become Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, as the Abominable Snowman from “Monsters Inc.” has apparently finally gotten his wish to receive a more positive name. Don’t worry, he promises the flavor is lemon.


Also coming to Pixar Pier is Angry Dogs, inspired by comedian Lewis Black’s character Anger in Disney/Pixar’s smash hit “Inside Out.” The hot dogs will feature a variety of spiciness, representing different levels of anger.


Another food stand we’ll see in the Toy Story neighborhood area of Pixar Pier is Señor Buzz Churros, a direct reference to the running gag in “Toy Story 3” when Buzz Lightyear is reset to his Spanish language personality.


The Poultry Palace take-out stand hearkens back to the 2011 Toy Story Toon “Small Fry,” in which the gang meets a group of Fun Meal toys.


Also confirmed was Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff confectionary, visible in some of the early concept art released for Pixar Pier.

The Paradise Pier Games of the Boardwalk will all adhere to the Pixar theme as well, with Bullseye Stallion Stampede Remaining in place (as it’s already in line with “Toy Story”), Casey at the Bat becoming Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss, Dumbo’s Bucket Brigade becoming Wall-E Space Spin, and Goofy About Fishin’ becoming La Luna Star Catcher.

Pixar Pier opens Saturday, June 23rd at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California.

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