“The Walking Dead: The Ride” Set To Debut This Spring At U.K.’s Thorpe Park

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The Walking Dead Ride

“The Walking Dead” has been an international phenomenon for more than seven years now, haunting the dreams of viewers with thoughts of being overrun by hideous walkers. Soon, Thorpe Park will be bringing that nightmare to life.

The U.K. Park announced “The Walking Dead: The Ride” yesterday with an eerie video shared on their Twitter account.

The new attraction will be a high-speed coaster, but it will also create a complete experience using several different effects.

“It’s 15 out of 10 on the scare scale,” said Thorpe Park’s John Burton. “We are combining physical and digital effects because it is going to be dark, so we are going to make the most of that. The darkness acted as a canvas for us. We have incorporated the latest in special effects, lighting, smells, and even touch elements to create a terrifyingly unique atmosphere.”

The Walking Dead Ride

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Thorpe Park’s website also features an ominous description of the attraction:

“Thorpe Park Resort is overrun by Walkers and there is but one goal: survive. Making it to the sanctuary of the Safe Zone is vital for salvation. Located at the centre of the Island, navigate your way to the safety of the indoor bunker – but be warned. All signs point to an imminent invasion of Walkers, so keep your head down and move quickly for your best chance of staying alive.

We will see you at the Safe Zone…For the first time ever, experience The Walking Dead: The Ride. Those who ride…survive!”

“The Walking Dead: The Ride” will take riders through some of the show’s most memorable locations, like the prison watchtower and Alexandria.

Thorpe Park is expected to open “The Walking Dead: The Ride” this Spring, sometime around April 1. “The Walking Dead” will return to AMC this Sunday, February 25.

Source: EW

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