VIDEO: “Star Wars Rebels” Jedi launch a daring rescue mission in clip from animated series’ midseason premiere

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When we last saw the crew of the Ghost on Disney XD and Lucasfilm‘s animated series “Star Wars Rebels,” General Hera Syndulla was captured by the Galactic Empire, with Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus vowing to retrieve her or die trying.

Now, as “Rebels” prepares to return for its final batch of episodes ever, the Disney-owned ABC News has premiered an exclusive clip from the Star Wars spinoff’s midseason premiere entitled “Jedi Night.” In the scene below, Kanan tried to convince his young Padawan learner Ezra Bridger to head Hera’s rescue mission.


“Star Wars Rebels” returns Monday, February 19th with a double-header of “Jedi Night” and another episode. Over the following two weeks the four remaining episodes will air in pairs, with the series finale “Family Reunion – and Farewell” airing March 5th on Disney XD.

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