New “Harry Potter” Hogwarts Great Hall LEGO set announced, plus more Wizarding World sets for 2018

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Ahead of Toy Fair 2018 this weekend, LEGO announced a new collection of sets inspired by the “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” series.

The Hogwarts Great Hall set, launching on August 1, is the first in the new line inspired by the Wizarding World. The detailed, 4-level set features “Harry Potter” favorites like the Sorting Hat, the Mirror of Erised, the potions room, and more. The set comes with 10 minifigures, including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Draco Malfoy, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Quirrel with dual Voldemort face.

Inside the Great Hall, you can serve your minifigures a feast with a turkey leg, ice cream, and cake while using magical floating candles for decor. Within the 4-level tower, find movable Grand Staircase spiral steps leading to the potions room, treasure room with a chest, and a turret featuring the Mirror of Erised with changeable pictures and roosting spot for Fawkes.



In addition to Fawkes, the set includes magical creatures such as Hedwig, Scabbers, and a Basilisk.

The Hogwarts Great Hall set will retail for $99.99 when it arrives in August. Other wizarding-themed building sets and figures will launch later this year, with more details coming soon.

LEGO is offering a special sneak peek of the Hogwarts Great Hall set this weekend at Toy Fair 2018, so check back soon for a closer look!

Source: io9

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