Comments for Aladdin’s Oasis Restaurant To Become Tropical Hideaway With Views Of Jungle Cruise At Disneyland

Tiki Room


  1. ChynnaBlue

    That’s similar to what it was before it was Agrabah. Back then it was the Tahaitian Terrace and had a Polynesian inspired menu. It also featured a show of hula and fire dancers. It was one of my favorite places to eat at Disney because of the show, but a rare treat because it was one of the more expensive places to eat. I hope they bring that amazing show back with the remodel.

  2. I don’t remember Aladdins Oasis ever being a restaurant or any type of eatery…I only remember a meet and greet for Aladdin /Jasmine, Storytelling,etc. Prior to that, many yrars ago it eas tge Tahitian Terrace, which actually was a restaurant…and a pretty good one at that

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