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WWE Superstar Naomi


  1. Please can I win?

  2. Jimmy and naomi are my fav superstars they always made me laugh and inspired me thank u #feel the glow #Day one ish ☺?


  4. HOPE I WIN PLS #WWE ???✌???

  5. HOPE I WIN PLS #WWE ??✌???


  7. Najeh Sexil

    Omg if I was to win I would cry so hard I am a boy but Naomi is my favorite wwe fighter and jimmy is my favorite tag team with his brother thay both in make it look so easy but i get it thay are the best wwe superstar i always feel the glow and every day it is day one ish and Jimmy and Naomi kids are so awesome and my bday past and I keep asking my mom if I can see both of you she said yes but we didn’t go so I am just looking forward to seeing you guys i love both of you and this is for the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️??#fell the glow #day one ish I also have your merchandise and you both Inspire me sooo much that me a my brother plays wwe at are home and you both make me want to do wwe and I would like to win but we have to see love you both

  8. pls naomi is my fav and usos i love them pls wwe can you choose me my name is Cornelius but all i said is from my son zion

  9. Really want to win

  10. It will be a honor to meet you Noami and Jimmy

  11. It will be a honor to meet you Noami and Jimmy you are the best . I want to win

  12. I would like to meat both of them since I won’t be able to go to WrestleMania

  13. Angela Martinez

    I want to meet you and Jimmy u guys r my favorite wrestlers

  14. David Young

    How do I enter? My wife and I would love for some kind of break from our troublesome year.

  15. Thank you for the opportunity would love to go !!!Good luck every one

  16. John James

    Hey now me and Jimmy this is John James from Abilene Texas we will love to win a vacation trip to Orlando just to see you in person I hope we can win the vacation bi we never seen y’all before and we will love to see y’all I have a son his namezane he is a autism and adhd kid that likes wrestling and he is one of y’alls bigest
    fans I hope we can win to meet y’all

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  18. Kimberley Bradley

    OMG I LOVE Naomi and Jimmy they are my favorites I would love to meet them they have inspired me so much even just to watch them on WWE .

  19. michaeltamboni

    hope to meet wwe supper stares and go to stay out there

  20. Nate lynch

    My kids would love this fingers crossed that i win

  21. Reynia

    Can I please when a trip with you guys its my dream if I win it will mean the world t mean and i will cry please can i win ? I am a girl and this will mean the world to me I will never forget that day. I was supposed t come watch yall but my tickets didn’t come in on time. I pray to god I win?
    #UsoPenitentiary #Call ya mama #feeltheglow

  22. Cora

    I have watched wwe since it first started I have been watching wrestling since 1970 I have never went to see any of the wrestlers in person nor have I ever see a rink.
    I would truly love to at least meet someone from wwe at least once before I die.

  23. Tonya Mcatee

    I want to go on that trip with Jimmy and Naomi it would be my wish I’ve never been no where like that I hope I win I love you guys please make my wish come true

  24. I pray that i win. I want to take my family on a vactipn

  25. Tammy miller

    These 2 r my daughters fav. She had her aweet 16 fell the glow. This kid has had a hard life an Naomi has really has inspired her in a good way….thank u wwr

  26. Jo-Anne

    this is an awesome thing that they’re doing my husband be one happy man if he was picked to win this trip he loves watching wrestling every Monday and Tuesday

  27. anna

    I would love to win. And take my grandson back
    He was there 4 years ago when he had cancer. So he really did not get to enjoy it. But he is in remission and I believe he would enjoy it more now. Plus he loves WWE wrestling.

  28. Keith loupe

    Would love to win

  29. Scott Hill

    I would love to meet Naomi and Jimmy in person

  30. I wanna to go see my favorite superstar

  31. Scott Hill

    You two are awesome

  32. I wanna go

  33. Bobby

    Miami and jimmy is doing a good thing

  34. Whitney

    My husband and I are normally weird about this type of mess but here we were..watching like always and thought, “dude how cool would that be?” South Carolina to Florida isn’t that far and let’s be honest…we are hard to not like hahaha we were supposed to be all fan girl over this, but we’re kinda bad at that so hey, were awesome, we like to adventure to new places. What up

  35. I love you jimmy

  36. I love the USO brothers and Naomi I am big fans of them so I think I should win the Trip

  37. Talia

    I want to go cause I love wwe and the super stars

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