Meow Wolf immersive art exhibition expanding to science fiction themed entertainment complex in Las Vegas

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Just a couple weeks ago we reported on Santa Fe’s acclaimed art collective Meow Wolf‘s impending expansion to Denver, Colorado. And now it seems as though the creative forces behind the difficult-to-describe visual experience are also planning a permanent installation in Nevada’s upcoming science fiction-themed Area 15 entertainment and retail space, located near the famed Las Vegas Strip.

Meow Wolf’s section of Area 15 will take up 50,000 square feet, and will cost $35 for admission. Based on what we’ve seen of the company’s previous work, it will be well worth it. “We are so excited to bring a permanent Meow Wolf experience to Las Vegas! We have had so much fun the last couple years getting to know this amazing city.”


And if you’re still curious about what exactly Meow Wolf is, I’ve found that the following video is the best representation of the currently-operating Santa Fe headquarters outside of actually visiting it in person.


Meow Wolf: Las Vegas is currently scheduled to open sometime in 2019. Visit the expansion’s official website for more information and advance ticket sales for the grand opening.

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