A look at Disney Dream’s Entertainment Offerings and Dietary Procedures for Guests with Allergies

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The Disney Dream has so many entertainment options available aboard its ship, it could keep any guest in a constant state of excitement. In addition to all of this ship’s amazing and amusing offerings, it also features special dietary procedures, which are created specifically to protect guests with different types of food allergies and sensitivities.

The Disney Dream is the third cruise ship to set sail on the vast oceans under the Disney Cruise Line. This great ship features over 15 adult bars, 9 restaurants, and 9 family areas, all of which feature many different entertainment offerings. Also found inside those 9 restaurants are special dietary procedures put in place by culinary professionals who care greatly about their guest’s dining experiences. Not only do these procedures protect guests from consuming foods containing their allergies, they also offer up innovative dishes that guests themselves might not have ever imagined eating.


One special entertainment offering I have to highlight in this article is Mixology, not only because of its affordability but also because it offers a great time for guests. Mixology, which costs $20 per person, lets guests create popular cocktails first hand. And not only do guests get to make them, they also get to try them as well.

During the seminar, the bartender leading the experience teaches guests how to create six different drinks. This includes discussing the drink’s ingredients, a step-by-step look at its preparation, the equipment necessary to create each drink, and the proper glasses used for each drink.

To start the course, the bartender immediately begins by discussing the first drink, a Bahama Momma. This drink is passed around for each guest to sample and the instructions for how to create the drink are said aloud.

After sampling the Bahama Momma, the bartender passes the baton for guests to create the next drink. Seated at five separate tables around the Skyline Lounge, one guest from each table is called up to the bar to make the next drink under the supervision of the bartender.

The Raspberry Mojito is the first drink guests are tasked with making. Upon receiving a glass of lime, raspberries, blackberries and mint leaves, guests are told to mash them all together with a muddler.

After mashing the fruits and leaves together comes the step of pouring a 2 count shot of vodka.

Then the step of adding ice to the mixture of vodka and mixed berries.

Next guests are to top it all off with some soda water.

This creates the first drink guests get to taste.

After each guest from each table has a turn getting up to make the drink, the bartender goes through the steps verbally to create the next drink, The Raspberry-Blackberry Mojito, which of course everyone gets to sample.

Following this delicious and fruity drink comes a thicker and coffee-inspired drink, an Espresso Martini.

After this delicious and caffeinated drink comes another opportunity for guests to test their bartending skills and this time, it’s a race against the clock. Each table is called up in groups to prepare a Captain’s Mai Tai through an assembly-style drink pouring challenge.

During the challenge, the five guests of each table line up against the bar and are tasked with quickly pouring and passing three different types of alcohol down the bar as they make their own drink. The group with the quickest time wins!

This part of the class definitely adds some excitement to the room, especially as guests struggle to pour each alcohol into their drink as quickly as possible without spilling it all over the bar top.

After the challenge round ends guests are treated to a Bellini to calm their nerves. This drink also makes for a sweet ending to a fun experience.

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