“The Simpsons” creative team welcomes new owner Disney the only way Homer knows how

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It’s been a crazy day in Disney news. As you’re probably already aware, the multimedia conglomerate The Walt Disney Company took control of a big chunk of 21st Century Fox and its holdings, including– amazingly enough– “The Simpsons.”

The long-running animated sitcom (currently in its 29th season on the FOX television network) welcomed its new mouse overlord the only way Homer knows how– with a temper-tantrum choke-hold akin to the way the Simpson patriarch mistreated his son Bart for much of the cartoon’s early run. Don’t have a cow, Mickey.

The lovingly-rendered doodle– signed by “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening– was shared on Twitter by executive producer James L. Brooks and other members of the show’s creative team this morning, as a tongue-firmly-in-cheek way of acknowledging their new boss.

UPDATE: “The Simpsons” producer / animator David Silverman clarified the origins of the drawing in a public Facebook post.

It will be very interesting to see how Disney treats “The Simpsons” going forward, considering how much fun American’s favorite yellow-skinned family has poked at the House of Mouse over the years. Though as a number of sources have pointed out, “The Simpsons” also predicted the Disney/Fox merger a long time ago…

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