VIDEO – LA Zoo Lights illuminates the 2017 holiday season at Los Angeles Zoo

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Nestled in its current Griffith Park home for more than fifty years, the Los Angeles Zoo has long since established a reputation for high-quality animal care and state-of-the-art facilities. In recent years, the zoo has also branched out into hosting popular seasonal events such as Boo at the L.A. Zoo during the Halloween season, and of course, the brightly-colored L.A. Zoo Lights around Christmas time.

Beyond the countless twinkling Christmas lights decoration a large section of the zoo, guests will also find opportunities to take holiday photos with Santa Claus, go for a spin on the Carousel, and enjoy live performances throughout the season. But the main attraction at L.A. Zoo Lights is of course the lights themselves, culminating in a spectacular Twinkle Tunnel that elicits oohs and aahs from attendees.


Another prominent feature is the Lightscapes Water Show (think of it as a vastly scaled-down World of Color) that entertains audiences every few minutes outside the zoo’s reptile house known as The Luminous LAIR during Zoo Lights.


Though it’s only been running a few years, L.A. Zoo Lights has expanded and evolved over time, adding something new and different with each iteration. It makes for a terrific night out for local families looking to entertain themselves on a winter’s evening in Southern California, or for visiting tourists who want to see what Los Angeles has to offer for the holidays outside of the larger theme parks.

But be forewarned, other than a few reindeer and the aforementioned LAIR, there aren’t any animals on display during Zoo Lights. The focus here is on dazzling decorations, festive colors, and cheerful music. In that capacity, the event is absolutely worth visiting this Christmas season.

L.A. Zoo Lights runs from now through January 7th. Be sure to visit the Los Angeles Zoo’s official website for more information.


in Events, Merchandise, Theme Parks

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