PHOTOS: Unreleased “Harry Potter” covers from Olly Moss reveal new art inspired by the wizarding world

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Olly Moss, whose designs graced the covers of the 2015 e-book editions of the “Harry Potter” series, has just released many more amazing designs that didn’t make the cut.

Moss got permission to share the rejected artwork on his Twitter account, along with a PDF containing all the designs.

This set, depicting Hogwarts throughout the years, was turned into a limited-edition poster print series in 2016.

This set features iconic scenes from the book inside Harry’s silhouette, which ages a little each year.

This series represents each book with a simple icon, each one incorporating Harry’s signature lightning bolt scar.

This series is very similar to the final 2015 e-book covers.

Finally, classic illustrated book covers would have incorporated hidden graphic elements. For example, the negative space in the Diagon Alley rooftops reveals a lightning bolt.

Each of these sets would have made amazing book covers, and we’d gladly buy them all as posters.

For more from Olly Moss, head over to his website

Source: Slashfilm

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