Fav Five Harry Potter Holiday wish list items

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Christmas at Hogwarts (and in the larger Harry Potter universe) is always extra magical.  From the books to the films to the immersive themed experiences around the globe, the Wizarding world has always had that holiday time feeling for me.

With Santa’s annual gift-giving global circumnavigation just over a month away, I took out my child-like imagination cap (wizard shaped, of course) and dreamed of a few spellbinding seasonal selections that might be nice to see apparate under the Holiday tree.  Thus, my fav five Harry Potter-related items that would be awesome to receive (and give) for Christmas.

1. Bowtruckle

This tiny leafy pal is not only inexpensive, but would make a perfect stocking stuffer– and great friend).  I’ve been waiting for years to find something like this, searching the internet and Diagon Alley in the process. The only downside is waiting for the release (April), but at least it can be pre-ordered.

$6.84 Amazon

2. Ravenclaw wand stand

Showing house pride is always fun.  Having the perfect perch for your wand: even better.

$29.95 Amazon

3. Bluetooth Hogwarts Express

Illuminated passenger cars, app controlled sound effects and speed, the iconic Hogwarts Express locomotive: what’s not to love about this magical train set?  Expandable tracks are available too!

$347.87 Amazon

4. Harry Potter Pensieve Memory set

With an Elder Wand disguised pen and Pensieve-topped journal, keeping memories is as easy as casting a spell. This collector set comes in a clasped container designed to look like a collection of memories.  Two vials for storing extra magical memories are also included.

$23.76 Amazon

5. Wizarding World Map

Crafted in the same style as the Marauder’s Map, this illustration of the Wizarding World is a perfect addition to any Potter-inspired themed room (the master bedroom, for example).

$11.99 Amazon

In the hopes that the gift giving mythical wizard Santa Claus can read this post, here’s hoping that there’s some magic to these fav five Harry Potter Christmas ideas.

Are you hoping for a bit of wizarding magic this season?  What are some of the Harry Potter items that might be on your wish list?  Please share your spells in the comments below.

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