Missing Halloween? Here are 13 creepy Christmas tunes to get you through the holiday season

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As theme parks make their overnight transformations from Halloween to Christmas, leaving a bewildered Tom Turkey to wonder where he fits in, the swift sweep of spooky boo to make way for festive Holiday happenings leaves many lamenting losing the sights and sounds of October.

Fear not!  There is help.  Along with creepy crossover monster movies like “Krampus,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Rare Exports,” a host of Christmas related terror tunes stand ready to tackle the tinsel take over.


While Jack Skellington might be the Pumpkin King, there’s little doubt that Krampus is the ruler of yuletide yelping.  Known as the Christmas Devil to some, this counter balance to the saintly goodness of Nicholas is charged with dealing with those children finding themselves on the naughty list.  Festivals and films honor this dark December demon.

1. The soundtrack to 2016’s dark comedy film, “Krampus,” is an aural adventure well worth queuing up for the horror day season.

$12.49 Amazon

2. Midnight Syndicate included Krampus on their “Christmas:  A Ghostly Gathering” CD.  The entire album is spooky slay ride of instrumental holiday horror.

$11.99 Amazon

3. Super Klaus Santa rocks out with a tribute to the Christmas Devil in their song “Krampus Night”

$9.98 Amazon

(Bonus) Another imaginative instrumental incarnation dedicated to Krampus, is Ivan Ziraldo’s “The Legend of Krampus” mp3 download on Amazon ($11.49).  There’s not a video for this beautiful brooding tribute to Saint Nicholas’ partner.

The Old Ones

4-7. H.P. Lovecraft Society unleashed tentacle full of holiday horror over the years.  Three madness inducing Lovecraft inspired selections are available to haunt your holidays. “A Very Scary Solstice,” “An Even Scarier Solstice” and the radio drama, “A Solstice Carol” are perfect for getting into the ancient spirits of the season.  For those who prefer digital derangements, “An Abhorrent and Ancient Solstice,” a downloadable compilation of the two Solstice Carol CDs, without the extras, is also available.

$12 – $23.99 H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

Trailer for the radio drama “A Solstice Carol”

“What Thing is This?” from “An Even Scarier Solstice:

A wizarding world of wonders

Not quite as scary, but still fiendishly fun, the Jingle Spells albums have been spoofing Potter, pop music and the holidays for ten years.  A cauldron full of various artists, spread across 4 albums offer a wonderful, whimsical approach to the holidays.

8-11. Found on Amazon for download Jingle Spells, Jingle Spells 2, Jingle Spells 3, and Jingle Spells 4 will take $8.99 from your Christmas fund.

A merry miscellany of macabre music

These FINAL selections are not necessarily themed towards any one eerie element, but rather a cauldron full of collected creepy Christmas carols and terror tunes suitable for a cruel Yule.

12. Musical marvel Myuu marches into the macabre merriment with a two song EP entitled “Dark Christmas Songs.” Ethereal, eerie and excellent for casting a dark, brooding spell over the season.

$1.78 Amazon

13. Known for his haunting Halloween instrumental albums, Sam Haynes hurls a horror themed holiday must-have in his “The Gift of Christmas Fear: Horror Music for the Holidays” download.

$8.99 Amazon

There are a lot more than these thirteen tunes of terror to keep the Halloween spirit alive this holiday season. Be sure to check out our Haunted Holiday Decor inspired by the Haunted Mansion, Creepy Cool Christmas Ornaments stories. Above all, have yourself a scary little Christmas and a Happy New Fear!

Source and Images, Amazon, YouTube and H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society website & Facebook page

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