INTERVIEW – “Safehouse 77” immersive theater creator discusses his 1970s spy thriller experience in Los Angeles

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The Southern California immersive theater scene is most bustling during the Halloween season, but (as we’ve seen before) the form extends past the spooky holiday and branches out into other genres besides horror. One show launching this month combines the atmosphere of 1970s L.A. with the action and excitement of a spy thriller: “Safehouse ’77”.

It’s 1977 and you’ve been invited to a seriously groovy party at Sharon’s pad in Los Feliz.  Drinks, snacks, tunes, games, beautiful people… cool beans, right? But there’s more going on in this joint than meets the eye, and if you’re not careful you could get pulled into something pretty wild by the time the night is over.

ITM contributer Jeff DePaoli sat down with “Safehouse ’77” creator Nick Rheinwald-Jones for an audio interview discussing the creative process behind the show.


“It is an immersive interactive theater show,” said Rheinwald-Jones. “I like to describe it as a cross between a 1970s Los Angeles house party and a spy movie. There are definitely elements of both of those things in there. You will arrive at a party and unexpected things will happen, and you’ll just kind of be swept into it.”

“There are different storylines, there’s different things that happen. It’s a really fun party with drinks and mingling and music and everything, but also some things that you might expect from a spy movie. Hopefully those things interweave well, and you get a mix of experiences out of it.”

“Safehouse ’77” runs on select dates from Thursday, November 2nd through Sunday, December 3rd. Be sure to visit the event’s official website for more information and advance ticket sales.


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