The Tension Experience: Ascension promises an unforgettable escapade this Halloween season

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Imagine the horror of a haunt that does not restrict itself to physically frightening its victims. Instead the very goal is reshape beliefs, fears, and reality. An immersive mind game that will attempt to get beneath the surface and intimately intellectually terrorize the willing patron.

This is what appears to be the very motive of a very intriguing and bizarre haunt in Los Angeles, California, that is known as “Tension”.  From the nervous score and mysterious elements of their website down to the compelling teaser video for the event, this experience appears to have the potential to thrill even the toughest haunt enthusiast.

This intense event is much more than the average, bend-the-rules haunted house. Events during the experience are determined by the actions and decisions made by guests within their dark journey.  Along the two hour terror there will be times spent both as a group and encounters that must be faced alone.  Guests must be at least 18 years of age to enter as indicated in the required waiver AND they must acknowledge that they are participating in the event at their own risk.

In a unique twist, the experience appears to begin even before arriving at the secret location (which is not disclosed until one week prior to scheduled time of entry). According to the website for Ascension, “Tension will blur the lines between reality and fiction. We will use actors, emails, phone calls, live video streams, in person events, and just about every other avenue to get inside your head.”




Per the haunt’s recent press release:

The Tension Experience: Ascension is a fully immersive, site specific-journey of trust, betrayal and submission . . . Ascension is more than immersive theatre, more than a haunted house, and more than anything you could possibly imagine.  It is a journey into darkness with the possibility of being reborn in the light.  You will be processed, tried and tested. But only if you succeed, may you find…


Tickets to this intense experience are now available for pre-order here:

(Images via the Tension Experience Facebook page)

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