Holiday Shopping: 9 “Stranger Things” Funko Pop! vinyls to turn your holiday upside down

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The holiday shopping season is here, and we’ve put together some shopping inspiration by assembling a list of gift ideas for you to put under your tree.

One of the hottest franchises in pop culture right now is, of course, “Stranger Things.” Chances are good that you know someone who would love to receive a gift themed to the incredibly popular Netflix show.

Luckily, we’ve got nine Funko Pop! vinyl figures based on “Stranger Things” that would make the perfect gift.

1. Demogorgon

You can own the monster that tormented Hawkins in season one with this 6-inch Demogorgon Pop! figure ($14.99).

Get it here.

2. Demodog

Add a couple of these season two beasts to your collection with these Demodog Pop! vinyls ($10.99).

Get it here.

3. Ghostbuster Dustin

Assemble the party, complete with their Ghostbuster costumes, starting with the Bard, Dustin ($10.99).

Get it here.

4. Ghostbuster Mike

You can’t assemble the party without Mike the Paladin, again in his Ghostbuster costume ($10.99).

Get it here.

5. Ghostbuster Lucas

Next up is Lucas the Ranger ($10.99), just don’t call him Winston!

Get it here.

6. Ghostbuster Will

Making his way out of the upside down, Will the Cleric ($10.99) is the final original member of the party, complete with Ghostbuster costume and candy bag.

Get it here.

7. Joyce

Add a little parental stress to your collection with this Joyce Byers Pop! vinyl ($10.99).

Get it here.

8. Max

Every party needs a Zoomer. Add this Max Pop! vinyl ($10.99) to your party.

Get it here.

9. Eleven

And finally, you’re going to need the Mage for your party! Get this season 2 Eleven Pop! Vinyl to complete your collection.

Get it here.

These “Stranger Things” Pop! figures from Funko are the perfect gifts to turn someone’s holiday season upside down!

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