Holiday Shopping: Perfect Superhero Apparel for the Marvel Fan in Your Life

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The holidays are coming and that means it’s the most stressful time of the year. It’s time for holiday shopping and you want to find the perfect gift for all of the special people in your life. We’re here to help.

Odds are, you know someone who is a big Marvel fan. You don’t want to get them any of the latest superhero movies on Blu-ray because, let’s be honest, they have them already.

You don’t want to get them the same old Spider-Man or Captain America T-Shirt that everyone else has, because then they’ll just blend in. Luckily, we’ve found some unique Marvel apparel that will show off their superhero pride:

1. Deadpool Ugly Christmas Sweater

This Deadpool holiday sweater ($29.99) looks like something the Merc with a Mouth would wear himself. Let your loved one celebrate the holidays with the most obnoxious superhero we know and show that you made the ‘Maximum Effort’ in your holiday shopping this year (even if all you did was click the link below).

Get it here.

2. Men’s Replica Wolverine Jacket

Hey bub. Transform your loved one into their favorite member of the X-Men with this replica Wolverine jacket ($49.99). The familiar design and faux leather make this the perfect garment for any occasion. Adamantium claws and healing factor not included.

Get it here.

3. The Man Called Nova T-Shirt

Not all of our favorite characters are the ones in the movies. This Nova tee ($24.99) will certainly stand out in a crowd full of Hulks and Thors. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of digging to find that character that’s just the right amount of obscure.

Get it here.

4. Captain America Lightweight Full Zip Hoodie

On your left. This Captain America lightweight, full zip hoodie ($42.95) is the perfect spangly outfit for those who want to stay in shape, or just make a red, white and blue fashion statement. Watch out though, this jacket may come with an overwhelming sense of patriotism and desire for justice.

Get it here.

5. Xavier Institute Sweatshirt

Sometimes, understated is best. Not everything comic book-related has to have a hero, a villain and a big “POW” in between them. This simple Xavier Institute sweatshirt ($38.99) is the perfect subtle apparel for X-Men fans.

Get it here.

There is plenty of awesome and unique Marvel apparel out there. If you don’t see anything you like above, you can find other Marvel apparel on to ensure that you get that perfect gift!

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