Comments for Travel in Style: Salem Witch Museum – Salem, MA


  1. Hamm

    We visited Salem in 2004, and loved it. Enjoyed the history (witch trials and more), but many “tourist trap” places to watch out for. The “Witch Museum” was not great, but can help give a general overview of the story. Tons of history all over the town. Also recommend the “Cry Innocent” live performance of a witch trial recreation – gives a good perspective on the hysteria. We liked looking around the old cemeteries and buildings. Be sure to stop by “Ye Olde Pepper Candy” as this is reported to be “America’s oldest candy company”. Stay away from the “Pirate Museum” – complete tourist trap disappointment. Do some research before going, to make sure you plan your day. Salem.org is a good starting point for info.

    1. frostysnowman

      Yes, the Pepper Candy store was great – the chocolate was some of the best I’ve ever eaten.

  2. Boyd Barrow

    I wouldn’t go to any of so called “witch museums” in Salem. I would go to the Essex County museum in downtown salem if you are really serious about learning it from Historians and not for entertainment. Also go see the memorials that that they have.

  3. frostysnowman

    I visited this museum this summer with my daughters. It’s incredibly cheesy, although the guided tour after the show wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t recommend going there. Go see the memorial and House of the Seven Gables instead.

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