Travel in Style – 5 fearsome hotel events for Halloween

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Costume parties and haunted events are, of course, popular this time of year.  A time when spirits from the other world and those from the package store mingle as disguised guests enjoy the eerie entertainment inspired by traditions thousands of years old.

Of course booze and spirits require responsibility.  Drinking and driving is one sure way to tempt death and disaster and earn a trip to the afterlife, don’t do it.  Instead consider a costume celebration where driving is not needed.  Listed below are six hotels featuring fearsome fun this fall.

1. Congress Hotel, Chicago Illinois

If you happen to wander into an abandoned (and allegedly haunted) hotel run by zombies (as you do, around Halloween), chances are you are in Chicago enjoying the Haunted Halloween Ball at Chicago’s 122 year old Congress Hotel.  “In Chicago, hundreds of costumed party-goers will dance to the dark and dirty beats of world renowned DJs and recording artists. Other entertainment includes encounters with vampire bellmen, zombie cocktail servers dressed as French maids and theatrical performances by costumed go-go dancers.”  – Haunted Halloween Ball

A virtual costume contest tempts the living with $2000 in cash and prizes.

This paranormal party takes place at the historic Congress Hotel and Convention Center in Chicago, alleged to be heavily haunted according to “USA Today.”


2. Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego California

This beach side destination delights in its paranormal past.  Because the man she was supposed to meet there, Kate Morgan took her life during her 1892 stay at the hotel. Her ghost is greeted by two Halloween event at the hotel.

Guests gather around a beach bonfire for the Ghost Roast, where Kate “returns” to tell tales of the hotel and her own story. The eerie event happens Friday & Saturday nights (10/20-21 & 10/27-28) and Halloween night.  The one hour haunt includes an optional add on menu. Reservations are required.

Hallo-Wine and Spirits is a lavish Halloween bash including a dinner, wine tasting , dessert and party.  Kate Morgan makes a mysterious appearance at the party. Winner of the costume contest is awarded as stay in the very room once occupied by Kate.  Tickets are $150 with a VIP option for $2000.

Hotel Del Coronado also hosts a kids Halloween party for younger monsters ages 4-12.

Contact the hotel directly for reservations for the VIP experience at Hallo-Wine and Spirits or the Kids party by calling 619-522-8490.

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