Travel in Style: These 10 Vampire Vacations are Terror-ific Temptations

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Taking a trip to Transylvania or any other vampire vacation might require a coffin to call home for a night or few.  Sleep like the dead with these nosferatu-inspired night time lodgings.


6. Bats and Broomsticks

Whitby is already known as a Dracula destination for fans of the King of Vampires.  Elements of Stoker’s story transpired with the town as a backdrop.  The Bats and Broomsticks Hotel is the perfect place to park on your Dracula driven mecca.

7. Magnolia Mansion

Magnolia Mansion is luxury lodging with several opulent opportunities.  Their Vampire Lovers Lair is quite popular at the New Orleans hotel: “This is our MOST REQUESTED ROOM & for those seeking “ETERNAL BLISS” People are just dying to get in this room, as it is “Drop Dead Gorgeous” & dark!” –Magnolia Mansion website

8. Miller Tree Inn

This Washington state bed and breakfast, located in Forks, is also known as the “Cullen House. “Though it looks nothing like the movie version, our inn closely matches Stephanie Meyer’s description of the Cullen family home. The Cullens travel from Washington frequently, so chances of seeing them are slim. However, the innkeepers speak “Twilight” and are under strict orders to take special care of their overnight guests. A complete Forks “Twilight” experience must include some imagination and a stay at the Cullen House.” –Miller Tree Tavern Inn website

9. Pacific Inn Motel

Forks, Washington, near Mont Olympus, is home to the Pacific Inn Motel. The hotel has horror at heart with its “Twilight” themed rooms.  A red and black color palette compliments the movie based décor that adorns the special suite.

10. Soho Hotel

This Budapest hotel includes a pair of junior suites inspired by characters from “Dance of the Vampires” and includes tickets to the show with each overnight stay.  Arriving guests are also greeted with either Vampire Juice or a Vampire’s Kiss cocktail.  Details on the show Vampirok show can be found here.

While we had no stake in the boo-kings of these vampire vacation suggestions, we’re pretty sure there’s something to sooth the juggler vein for fans of any incarnation of the undead blood dependent darkness dwellers.

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