Travel in Style: The gothic Bats and Broomsticks Hotel of Whitby UK

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As September seeps in, Fall is finds its way to the world once again. Soon pumpkin flavored everything, from spiced latte’s to scented deodorant (yes, there really is a pumpkin spice deodorant) will dominate the coffee shops and boo boutiques.

It’s not too late to plan a pleasant and possibly paranormal peregrination partaking of the pumpkin proffered possibilities (aka a nice haunted fall journey, for those playing along at home without the benefit of a thesaurus).  ITM has a wonderfully whimsical witch-themed wonder in mind: the Bats and Broomsticks Hotel located in Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK.


Not every hotel is a lovingly attired in dark gothic spooky décor, but the Bats and Broomsticks has this distinctly dark honor year-round.  Billed as a Gothic Guest House, the fiendishly festive bed and breakfast is located in Whitby, United Kingdom.  Actually it’s the only Victorian Gothic guest house in town.

What, you may ask, is so special about Whitby (and, for that matter why Gothic guest house)?  It seems that certain hemoglobin dependent and iconic horror figure has ties to the neighborhood.  Whitby is the backdrop for most of a classic spooky story written by Braham Stoker.  “Dracula,” inspired the hotel and draws scores of horror fans to the town, so it only seems fitting that an appropriate attention is given for those who make the mecca to this historic location are offered a proper place to park their body for the night.

The small hotel only has three rooms.  Each has its own delightfully dark décor:

There’s the “Lunar Room” complete with skulls, bats and red/black color palate.

The “Dracula Room,” harboring a menacing vampire portrait leering over the bed, pays homage to the King of Vampires.

A “Green Man” room, featuring a freaky fun spider web headboard is home to an ever watchful vampire bat.

Each of the Victorian inspired rooms maintains a four poster bed, television (with DVD player) and creepy cool collection of videos, wi-fi, coffee/tea station, and plenty of books to read.  The hotel does not permit children under eight years of age.

“Bats and Broomsticks is always changing and evolving, We pride ourselves on our personal customer service which comes naturally to us . . . We also feed our victims in the morning, obviously candle-lit, cooked to order – so we can cater for any dietary needs.  We are a non-smoking family, although smoking is permitted in the garden, away from the sunlight and in the shadows.  We also, when victims (or Guests) are willing, like to set Challenges/Quests, depending on what they’re doing that day!!” –Bats and Broomsticks website

Bats and Broomsticks Hotel is open all year but, due to its small size and the allure of Whitby’s Goth Weekends and summer tourist season, reservations are strongly recommended. (Final?) arrangements can be made online or by contacting the hotel directly (01947 605659).  This glorious Gothic/Victorian establishment is located at Westgrove 11 Prospect Hill, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 1QE.

“To make sure of your dream room, Please book as far in advance as possible.
Please inform us of any special requirements – We do cater for vegetarians ( and all other signs of the zodiac!!!)” -Bats and Broomsticks website


Source and Images: Bats and Broomsticks Hotel website and Facebook page

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