Spooky Empire 2017 unleashes another year of crazy cosplay, ghoulish panels including the cast from “IT”

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Spooky Empire was full of ghoulish cosplayers, frightening panels, a ton of celebs from your favorite horror films and the cast from a more recent terror flick, “IT” (2017).

Spooky Empire is one of the most respected horror event promotion companies in the United States as they bring to life two of the most popular horror conventions in the nation. Beginning in Fort Lauderdale, FL back in 2003, the event has grown to have fans come from across the globe to attend. This event is also one of the largest horror conventions in the nation, as it only continues to grow every year. This ultimate weekend event is for fans of all ages and is also a place for visitors to meet and mingle with their favorite horror movie and TV stars.


This past weekend the Hyatt Regency Orlando was transformed into a realm of TERROR. The popular horror convention invaded the hotel and offered horror fanatics a freakish amount of heart wrenching dismay. Upon entering the convention, you immediately were over taken with fear as the sounds of chilling music played loudly throughout. Flashing lights and cosplayers overran the room, causing an explosion of iconic terror figures to run rapid throughout the event.

Grins and excitement exuded from fans as they got to interact with other horror enthusiasts. Like MegaCon, cosplayers walking the event were stopped often to have their pictures taken. A popular film guests cosplayed from was “IT.” Many guests had the infamous red balloon from the film and were dressed as either Georgie or Pennywise.

The event held two costume contests throughout the weekend, one on Saturday for kids and another on Sunday for adults. Horror fans could also indulge in Autograph and Meet & Greet Sessions, Live Performances and photo ops with their favorite celebrities.

The most popular photo opportunity of the event was a group photo with the cast from the recent horror hit “IT.” The picture opportunity was so popular, the line for it spanned the entire hall outside of the exhibitor room.

The photo op, like many other pictures with celebrities at the convention came with a cost, $150. Guests could also pose individually with the cast members as well for $50 a photo.

Another popular part of the convention was the panels. ITM was able to sit in on two panels during the event. The What We Do in the Shadows Q&A featured both Jonathan Brugh and Ben Fransham, starring as Petyr and Deacon from the famous film “What We Do in the Shadows.” The film was a documentary about the lives of a group of vampires over the period of a few months. A documentary film team followed the vampires as they shared a house in Wellington, New Zealand and in the film you see that vampires also have their own domestic problems just like humans. 

This panel had the crowd in stitches as Deacon and Petyr were in character during their presentation, which gave an inside look at their everyday lives. At the end of the panel the floor was opened for a Q&A. Petyr hilariously would get up as guests approached the mic to “eat them.” Deacon had to stop Petyr a few times, even going as far as reminding Petyr “they wouldn’t get paid if they ate the crowd.”


The panel ended with Deacon getting up and calling the crowd to the front of the stage to learn “erotic dancing.” Deacon then proceeded to shake his hips in a circular motion while gyrating his chest. Petyr also joined in, similar to the crowd, which was also dancing.

The hilarious event ended with Deacon crowd surfing on the audience. Deacon had approached the front of the audience silently and casually grabbed the hands of a few audience members. He then proceeded to take the audience member’s hands and place them on his body until he eventually was suspended in the air.

Another panel ITM got to sit in on was the Jennifer Carpenter Q&A. This panel revolved around the famous horror film star discussing her extensive TV & Film career and some of her inspirations and fears she’s encountered in the industry.

Carpenter discussed her first major film “White Chicks” and talked about the small industry things she had learned while on set on the film. She also discussed her time on “Dexter” and “The Exorcist of Emily Rose.”


The panel ended with the floor opening up for a Q&A, which was full of heartfelt complements from guests and questions of Carpenter’s life and career. During the Q&A Carpenter discussed props from “Limitless” and how she always takes props from sets of productions she’s worked on. Carpenter also dove inside her process when preparing for a new character and how she becomes the role she is playing.

Another part of the Spooky Empire convention was the Exhibitor Room. Here is where guests can find autographs, art, movies, toys, props, action figures, comic books, models, posters, fantasy swords, clothing, jewelry, and much more.

The exhibitor room also contained masseuses to massage guests who had grown achy and tired from all of the fear and terror they encountered while walking the convention floor.

Does this horror fest have you excited for Halloween?

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