Reptar Bars, Reptar Cereal from “Rugrats” arrive in stores for 90s Nickelodeon nostalgia

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The candy that turns your tongue green is making the leap from Nickelodeon TV series to reality.

Reptar Bars, the beloved candy bar of the “Rugrats” kids, are a fictional chocolate bar shaped like a dinosaur. As Angelica, Tommy, and Chuckie loved to demonstrate, the frosting-filled interior of the candy bar turns tongues green. In a nod to the 90s, FYE stores across the country are now stocking real-life Reptar Bars.

This version isn’t shaped like a dinosaur, sadly, but it does have the signature green frosting. If you can’t find these at a FYE store, they’re available for pre-order now. Online, Reptar Bars are sold in a pack of 24 for $69.99.

You can also purchase Reptar Cereal for “monster flavor in every bite.” These look similar to Froot Loops and are available now at the FYE website for $12.99 per box. The cereal isn’t quite as cool as it was on “Rugrats,” but it’s still fun for anyone who misses hanging out with Tommy Pickles and the gang.

Source: /Film

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