Germany’s Europa Park delivers family-friendly Halloween fun by day, haunted horrors after dark

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After Dark “Traumatica” terrorizes the park

Once the sun’s rays go into hiding, Europa Park is transformed into the terrifying experience known as “Traumatica.” This post-apocalyptic nightmare puts mankind on the endangered list.

Five fearsome factions, some fighting for control; others for survival are represented by a matching quintet of haunted experiences:

The Shadows:
When Night falls, watch out for that’s when the Shadows rise and they stop at nothing to quench their endless thirst for blood”

These Ghouls haunt your dreams and are hot on the scent of blood – your blood!”

The Fallen:
Their spirit is dead but their body is yet to accept that. Full of insanity and hunger they devour anything they can find. . . and they will find you.”

The Pack:
The world is on fire while the living is overrun by deadly creatures – and the ‘The Pack’ fancy a drink. These human-human-werewolf-mutations create a trail of destruction and shoot at everything except for beer.  And you don’t look like beer, do you?”

The last humans on earth…the monsters of all are gathering in order to take their world back. At all cost.”

Adding to the adrenaline rush is a trio of Scare Zones: “Battle for Truamatica,” “Shadow Bay” and “Gypsy Hollow.”

“Each house ties together to the point where characters from one house appear in other houses. The houses and scare zones work together to create one world that the guests become a part of.” –Dan Carro, Creative Director

If the design and cohesive story have the feel of a horror film, that’s not a coincidence. “Traumatica” is the backdrop for the fear film trailer “Pandorica – The Awakening.”

The dual Halloween experiences at Eurpa Park prove that Halloween is indeed a worldwide thrill. With the daytime family fall fun and the all new “Traumatica,” horde of horrors, European theme park guests have the best of two haunting worlds.

Source and Images: Europa Park website, Traumatica website, Marco Sorrentino Photography

Images from Traumatica:

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