Germany’s Europa Park delivers family-friendly Halloween fun by day, haunted horrors after dark

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Europa Park in Rust, Germany is that nation’s largest theme park. Extremely popular (only eclipsed by Disneyland Paris) this massive theme park hosts two distinctly different Halloween events.

The first takes place in the safety of daylight. Halloween events unfolding while the sun’s protective rays still shine are family friendly and not too scary. “Traumatica,” on the other hand, unleashes the terror once the sun goes into hiding.

For 2018 Halloween is a well celebrated holiday at Germany’s Europa Park, running from September 22nd through November 4th. As a family friendly park, the event’s light and dark paths are dictated by the sun’s daily journey.  In the safety of sunlight, lighthearted, family-friendly fun can be found.  After dark, the gloves come off.

Family friendly fall fun

Thousands of pumpkins (over 180,000) find their way across Europa Park as part of the magical transformation into a happy Halloween haven. Spider trees and other festive fall décor welcome the park into the Halloween season.  In the Grimms’ Enchanted Forest, pumpkin imps join in as part of the fall festivities.

Spooktacular Shows add to the family fun.  “Spook Me!” an enchanting musical about the spirits of Ghostly Castle and how they enjoy scaring mortals.

Euromaus (the park’s mascot) has his own Halloween show and also leads the Halloween parade.

Euro Park also offers special themed Halloween attractions for families to enjoy:

“The biggest pumpkin in the world invites brave visitors to ride at breakneck speeds on the Pumpkin Coaster – and don’t forget to get your spooky snapshot from the photo point sponsored by Kühne. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the 4D movie “The Time Carousel,” featuring Euromaus and friends, at the 4D Magic Cinema. Perhaps a ride on the misty and mysterious Griezelkopies, the teacups in the Dutch-themed area, sounds more like your ‘cup of tea’! Or maybe experience the Feria Swing in a totally new way – namely backwards! In the Greek-themed area the day-maze “Mine of Hepaistos” is awaiting you.” – Europa Park

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