Disney CEO Bob Iger confirms he will step down in July 2019

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After plans to leave Walt Disney Company in 2016 were pushed back to 2018, CEO Bob Iger confirmed he will now exit in mid-2019.

Speaking at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment conference this week, Iger said, “This time I mean it. It’s time.” He was previously planning to leave in 2018 but extended his contract through July 2, 2019, possibly because his potential successor Tom Skaggs left the company. Iger has been Disney’s CEO since 2005 when he took over for Michael Eisner. Under his leadership, Disney acquired Pixar in 2006, Marvel in 2009, and Lucasfilm in 2012.

It’s unclear who will take over for Iger, but Disney has the next year to prepare for an internal promotion or search for a suitable candidate from outside the company.

Iger hasn’t revealed his plans for post-Disney life, but there’s speculation he’ll become involved in politics. When asked about a possible political career, Iger said, “Let’s not go there.”

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