13 Thrilling Examples of Spook-tacular Home Haunting

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Pumpkin Rot Home Haunting

It’s here! Fall has arrived. Pumpkin flavored everything, great gourds in the market, and Halloween decorations abound. With this most awesome time of the year, alongside the scary movies and creepy cool television specials, Halloween decorating rises from the grave to adorn neighborhoods everywhere. Not sure how to haunt your yard? Need a little ghoulish inspiration? Look no further! Assembled for a swinging wake, below are 13 examples of excellent eerie enhancement for home haunting.

The Basics of Boo

Perfect props, imaginative illumination and thoughtful theming thread the needle on this first batch of boo bounty.

1. To start off with, we’ve unearthed this ghoulish and grisly graveyard video. Set to the terror tunes of Midnight Syndicate, musically mustering a macabre mood. Classic and creepy and very well done!

2. Wonderfully whimsical with spooky silly skeletons, this yard captures the fiendish fun of Halloween decorating.

3. Grim gargoyles guard the gates to the graveyard filled with menacing monsters.

4. With a nod to Disney’s Haunted Mansion, an animated skeleton shares stories of the spooks to see in this delightfully dark decorated display.

A few perfect Nightmares

With a bit of planning and patience, playful spooks can find their way to your home, as they did in these “Nightmare Before Christmas” inspired incarnations.

5. Clad in the Halloween meets Christmas costumes of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” animated actors add to the ambiance of this tribute to Jack Skellington and company.

6. A holiday scene that can remain in place to the end of the year, Christmas light and features from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” make for a magical Halloween home.

7. Perfectly prepared pumpkins and spooky smiling synced faces sing along to “This is Halloween” in this electrifying experience.

Grim Grinning Ghosts

The Haunted Mansion’s (Disney) provided the inspiration for these happy haunts.

8. The Mansion’s pet cemetery is recreated for the enjoyment of neighborhood trick-or-treaters. No need to consult Madame Leota, just peer into the extra fiendish footage following the pet cemetery tour.

9. Grim grinning gourds grace this Haunted Mansion inspired cemetery as they belt out the boo to the tune of “Grim Grinning Ghosts.”

Devilish Digital Delights

A personal favorite, limited only by the designer’s imagination, is digital mapping/projection. Often used by theme parks (past years of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, for example) these computer-generated illusions can be a quick (once mapped) way to put a costume on your home for Halloween.

10. Digitally mapped projections provide paranormal pandemonium in the 2017 edition of this haunted home’s Halloween hi-jinx.

11. Combining creepy with comedy crafts the coolest results.  Hearing the crowd reactions make manifesting this magic meaningful.

Extreme Themes

These final arrangements offer inspiration for those wanting to unearth a bit more than just a random collection of corpses and lights and establish a more extreme exhibition. Pulling all the punches to produce professional quality spooks, these last two hauntings take fear for a joy ride.

12. The wild west is given the ghostly treatment. This light-hearted ghost town with its skeletal shoot-out is inspiring and incredibly creative.

13. Creepy, somewhat disturbing, and a definite devilish delight, the always amazing atmospheres of Pumpkin Rot (worth bookmarking and checking out each Halloween) never disappoint.

The possibilities are endless, especially now with Halloween decor filling the shelves for the haunt season (or, as I like to call it, home decor shopping season). With these 13 thrilling wall-to-wall creeps for inspiration, it’s not too late to create a Halloween home that’s to die for.

Source and Images: YouTube, Pumpkin Rot

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