Comments for Special Edition Figment Funko Pop! to be released at Epcot in celebration of park’s 35th anniversary


  1. M K

    It says it right there, in the beginning of the song, “2 tiny wings, EYES BIG AND YELLOW”, not small, black, and soulless. This is just creepy. Everything about it from the hands to the smile says, “I’m coming to get you.” If I was a kid, even as an adult, I would not want this staring at me because it would definitely give me nightmares.

  2. John

    This thing sold out on the first day by the afternoon. The problem was that the cast members were misinformed and were allowing them to be sold at 10 per person. The hoarding led to shortages and a lot of hurt feelings. They ultimately went to the 2 limit but the damage was done. Hopefully they will be able to replenish the stock so that people who really want them aren’t relegated to get them on eBay by the early morning hoarders who put them up at ridiculous prices

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  4. Ellagard

    So cute

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