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  1. Holden

    Sorry, but you are wrong. I’ve been to HHN multiple times and it gets old really quick. The houses aren’t that impressive anymore and it’s far too crowded to get any scares out of it. It lame just having someone jump out at you all the time. After the 1st house you start expecting it and it’s no longer entertaining. The shows are getting weaker each year. Bill & Ted’s is just dirty, and no longer funny like it used to be. Keep your money people, you will spend too much time walking to get to the houses (some are almost 1/2 mile to get to) and the music is so loud you’ll have to plug your ears to be able to stand it.

    1. Sandy

      That’s true…its worse every year…the last time it was good was when they did the circus freaks..

  2. Sandy

    It sucked this year…actually for the last few years it gets worse every year..it used to be awesome but this is the last year for me I’m done it was not scary at all. They had a teddy bear running around not even a scary one…what a waste of time and money the one at Busch gardens blows universals away now and it used to be the reverse.

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