Which of These 13 Thrilling IPs Do You Want to See at Halloween Horror Nights?

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8. “Penny Dreadful”

The award-winning and highly acclaimed Showtime series ended abruptly after only three seasons.  The fresh take on classic monsters (vampires, werewolves, mummies, witches, demons and more) and brilliant, original versions of Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Grey, and Doctor Henry Jekyll practically beg for an IP house.  Walking into the Grand Guignol, itself, offers almost infinite imaginations for fresh nightmares.

9. “Poltergeist”

The original 1982 thriller has so many classic scenes and scares that it begs for a haunted maze at Halloween Horror Nights.  Stephen Spielberg’s paranormal property provides perfect possibilities from the iconic “They’re here!” moment to the skeletons popping up from the pool (and everything in between – like the giant snarling creature emerging from the portal).

10. “Scooby-Doo Where Are You”

Take elements from any of the various versions of this classic Hanna-Barbara cartoon and the makings of 3-D maze start to emerge.  From chase scenes to the classic haunted house with ghosts and monsters, Scooby and the gang could bring a lighthearted mix of monsters and meddling kids to Halloween Horror Nights.

11. “Stranger Things”

Runaway Netflix series “Stranger Things,” with its eerie eighties vibe would be a big draw for Universal’s Halloween event.  Bring in the cast, even more so.  Imagine walking through the upside down (either in a maze or as a scare zone complete with projection effects) or running into the demi-gorgon.  With season 2 about to erupt just before Halloween, there’s plenty maze making material to choose from for future fear fun.

12. “Tucker and Dale vs Evil”

This clever juxtaposition on perceptions is another excellent example of IP horror and hilarity that would make a delightfully dark maze at HHN.  Tucker and Dale, misunderstood to be murderers in this perfect killer in the woods spoof, is just the kind of humor that works well at Halloween Horror Nights.  A sequel to this spooky sleeper has been confirmed which means even more macabre scenes to choose from.

13. “Beetlejuice”

“It’s Showtime!” The Graveyard Review might be gone, but a house dedicated to the ghost with the most.  There are so many delightfully dark and whimsical scenes from Tim Burton’s 1988 horror comedy that a Halloween Horror Nights maze is a must make.  Bring on the strange and unusual!

While not all (or possibly any) of these 13 films, shows and games may not have bat’s chance of survival at an Ozzy Osborne concert, the possibility of bringing any of these IP horror hits to Halloween Horror Nights is worth dreaming about.  Don’t forget, though, nightmares are dreams, too!

Which of these intellectual properties would you prefer to see come to Universal Studios for their epic Halloween event?  Or perhaps you have an idea or two to add?  Please place your incantation in the comments below.

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