VIDEO: Halloween 2017 decorations & merchandise arrive at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

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Fall is less than a month away and Magic Kingdom is already prepared for the change of the season at Walt Disney World.

In the video and photos below, you’ll see all of the festive Halloween and Fall decorations that have taken over Main Street. Colored banners, jack o’lanterns, scarecrows, wreaths and other decorations now adorn the park.


Jack o’lanterns take center stage outside of the park’s entrance, as they are the biggest decorations guests see as they make make their way off the monorail and into the park. Jack o’lanterns are a common design element of Magic Kingdom’s Halloween and Fall themed decorations, which can be found throughout the park.

Scarecrows with cheery faces greet visitors as they make their way onto Main Street. At the beginning of Main Street is where you can find several scarecrows posed with different props and festive outfits, all of them appear welcoming and happy for the coming fall season.

Hung along the exterior of the buildings on Main Street are fall colored banners and little hidden jack o’lanterns, found on roof tops and inside windows. Each jack o’lantern has a different funny face to fit in theme with Magic Kingdom’s special nighttime event, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Special Halloween merchandise is also on display in stores on Main Street. Some items include Halloween themed Mickey ears, light-up Mickey ears, mugs and other ornaments to celebrate the fall holiday the Disney way.

These special Mickey ears below flash pretty bright, perfect for the nighttime fireworks shows.


All of these decorations come just in time for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, which kicks off tonight. The event will run at nighttime in Magic Kingdom from tonight until November 1. The party runs from 7pm to midnight each night of operation.

The Halloween and fall decorations at Magic Kingdom usually stay on Main Street until November when they are replaced with Christmas ones.

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