Rum running tunnel, former airline terminal among four connected themes for The Edison complex at Walt Disney World

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The Edison complex is slated to open at Disney Springs this fall, and new details hint at how each area of the complex will be connected.

The Edison complex will consist of four separate but connected venues, all run by Patina Restaurant Group. The company is now hiring for positions at The Edison on their website and job descriptions include some interesting details about the new dining complex:

Four new concepts will be connected as part of one large complex and will be introduced to Disney Springs in the Fall of 2017. Each of the concepts is housed in key locations that play an integral role in the Disney Springs origin story, such as the former airline terminal, an underground rum running tunnel, and the former electrical power plant, providing rich territory for story-telling.

The rum-running element will reportedly be included in a new Italian restaurant called Maria & Enzo’s. The eatery features a speakeasy bar, which is part of the rum-running tunnel. Maria & Enzo’s is expected to open in late 2017 or early 2018.

As previously reported, The Edison is a lavish Industrial Gothic-style restaurant themed to a 1920s electric company.

The Edison and Maria & Enzo’s seem to cover the “rum running tunnel” and “electrical power plant” concepts, which leaves the former airline terminal and a fourth concept that has not yet been revealed.

For more information on The Edison, visit their website.