At Home Imagineering: Drop in on a terror-ific Hollywood Tower Hotel-inspired bedroom

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About 35 miles away from Disneyland, in the Southbay area of Los Angeles, California, is the home of David Spencer.  Living close to the magical land that Walt Disney built, his parents would take his family to visit Disneyland quite often and nurtured a fascination with the park’s entertainment.  This fascination was carried into adulthood, and, as an adult, David has almost always had an annual pass to the Disney Parks.

David also happens to be a huge Halloween aficionado.  Known as Mr. Halloween, David is known for taking decorating to the top shelf. His window displays greet trick or treaters every October, and David is also known for decorating his entire car for an annual Halloween trunk decorating event.

Combining his love for Halloween and Disney, it’s only natural that his home features a few tributes to Disney’s darker attractions like the Haunted Mansion and the Tower of Terror.

As a Haunted Mansion collector, most of his home’s décor is dedicated to the classic Disney ride and those whom take up residence in it. The collection is so incredible that those fiendishly fun finds and adornments will be featured in a forthcoming documentary about the haunted attraction.

For the Tower of Terror room, David turned to artist Topher Adams to help out.  Wanting to make his newly acquired Hollywood Tower Hotel bellhop costume feel at home, David petitioned Adams for a backdrop depicting the haunted maintenance elevator doors.  Once acquired, the eerie elevator exceeded expectations and another piece from Adams depicting the Tower’s hotel lobby was added to David’s collection.

Observe, if you will, the various Hollywood Tower Hotel (HTH) finery found in this Twilight Zone Tower of Terror themed room.  Here you’ll find a full bellhop costume, an HTH bathrobe, slippers and pillow.  Scenes and posters from the ill-fated hotel hang on the walls while various hotel memorabilia can be seen around the room.

The bigger pieces in the room are two Topher Adam’s backdrops, period luggage and a creepy carpet that appears to have come from the hotel’s library.  However, the piece that brings it all together is a faceless bellhop that stands in full formal hotel regalia, complete with long coat and pillbox hat and ready to guide visitors into the spooky service elevator.

ITM would like to thank David for allowing us to drop in and enjoy his wickedly wonderful taste in décor.  We cannot wait to see the Haunted Mansion elements of his happily ‘haunted’ home when the documentary is released.

Do YOU have a specially decorated area of your home that you’d like to share with our readers?  It can be Disney, movie or just about any kind of pop-culture theme.  We’d love to see and share.  Please drop Michael Gavin an email.

Source and Images: David C. Spencer

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