Franchise Frenzy: 30 Exciting IP Experiences from Theme Parks Around the World

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We’re all familiar with the immersive and amazing attractions at theme parks from Disney, Six Flags and Universal.  All three of these easily recognizable brands have exciting adventures awaiting guests here in the United States and around the world.

Disney, Six Flags, and Universal, however are not the only operators of high tech fun on the globe.  There are dozens of other themed amusement adventures to be found around the world.  Many of these new parks feature, and even rely upon, the recognizable realities of popular intellectual properties (IP) to draw crowds to their parks.

To highlight this franchised fueled frenzy, ITM brings you a list of 30 astonishing amusements featuring IP theming. Different variations of these attractions may appear at US theme parks, especially Six Flags parks as that company also licenses some of the same franchises.

Part One: Super Heroes

In Australia, IP presentation is almost the entire experience at Warner Brother’s Movie World, run by Village Theme Parks (Village Roadshow pictures). Movie World hosts a horde of DC superhero adventures (as does their sister park in Madrid, Spain):

1. Arkham Asylum VR 360

2. Superman Escape Roller Coaster

3. DC Rivals HyperCoaster

4. Justice League: Alien Invasion (look closely for a familiar Florida skyline)

5. DC Comics Super Villains Unleashed


6. Green Lantern roller coaster

7. Doomsday Destroyer

MARVEL plays a big role in IMG worlds of Adventure. One of several Adventure Zones in this indoor theme park is entirely dedicated to the Marvel franchise.

8. Avengers Battle of Ultron

9. Iron Man transformation experience

10. Spider-man Spin Coaster


11. Thor Thunder Spin

Part 2: Cartoon Craze – both Australia (Dreamworld and Warner Brother’s Movie World) and Saudi Arabia (Motion Gate and IMG Worlds of Adventure) rely heavily on IP experiences for their guests.

13. Escape from Madagascar rollercoaster (Australia)

14. Gingy’s Gliders (Australia)

15. Shrek’s Ogre-round (Australia)


16. Looney Tunes 4D (Australia)

17. Looney Tunes River Ride (Australia)

18. Looney Tunes Junior Driving School

19. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs River Expedition (Dubai)

20. Hotel Transylvania(dubai)


21. Madagascar Mad Pursuit Roller Coaster (Dubai)

22. Power Puff Girls (Dubai)

23. Smurf Village Express Roller Coaster (Dubai)

24. Smurfs Studio Tour (Dubai)

Part Three: Creepy Cool IP Fun

From the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster in Australia to the Zombieland Drop Tower in Dubai, these happily haunted franchise are fiendishly fun.

25. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster (Australia)


26. Ghostbusters 5D Experience (Germany)

27. Ghostbusters Battle for New York (Dubai)

28. Walking Dead Breakout (Germany)

29. Zombieland Drop Tower (Dubai)

and finally, this adventure to the final frontier.  The brand new Star Trek coaster: Operation Enterprise from Germany’s Movie park.

30. Operation Enterprise (Germany)

Thirty themed experiences, an intellectual property proliferation trend that sure to continue with many more theme parks and attractions coming soon guests to enjoy. For example, future franchise fun is expected at 20th Century Fox World in Malaysia (opening later this year).  Among the many attractions, “Rio,” “Ice Age,” “Life of Pi,” “Night at the Museum,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Predator vs Alien,” and “Titanic” themed adventures are to be part of this movie-centric destination.

Have you enjoyed any of these fun franchise finds?  What do you prefer, IP themed attractions or organic, original concepts?  Please tell us in the comments below.

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