Comments for A family is living in Walt Disney World for a month as part of Disney’s “30 Days 30 Stays” promotion


  1. Pat usher

    Never heard of contest ! What were the dates?
    I read that this family were bloggers and it was a challenge
    Not a contest!
    So please uf it was a contested , I’d loved to look up contest rules and dates

  2. Lisa

    I love would love this my son have adhd and he would love to so much please pick. Me lisa

  3. Lisa

    Please !! I never win anything

  4. Amanda

    This title is extremely inaccurate. They are not contest winners. Mike, You should fix this and not mislead people so badly.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The article has been corrected. Thanks.

  5. I wonder if the normal check-in of after 4 and check out of 11am applies to this family.. If so, doesn’t give them too much time to explore the resort for that “day” ?

  6. Samantha

    Would have been better if they would have chosen a non-wealthy family… if you follow them then you know that he had a business in which he sold to SNAPCHAT for millions and millions of dollars.. though they sold all their possessions, they make note that their travels doesnt include using the money for the sale of their business yet…

  7. Bella

    I would love to be hired by Disney to stay in each WDW resort hotel over a 30 day period. Since it wasn’t a contest, I wonder who they know at Disney to get a sweet deal like that.

  8. Great, I wish there were more promotional opportunities to get there

  9. bear pu

    Great, I wish there were more promotional opportunities to get there
    shell shockers

  10. Thanks for the information provided

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