Nevada’s infamous Clown Motel is for sale – and allegedly haunted

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Last year, ITM brought you news of a creepy cool clown motel in Nevada.  This cemetery neighboring nightmare maker was alleged to be haunted.

Now the small somewhat spooky motel is for sale, with a caveat: the new owner must maintain and manage the current clown collection and theme.

This iconic (or horrific if you don’t care for clowns) Nevada motel has been host to its colorful clown friends for over thirty years.  Now the owner, Bob Perchetti, wants to retire.  He’s selling the infamous inn for a cool $900,000.00.

Perchetti has one stipulation, though: the clowns must stay.  They have been there since the motel opened and he intends to see that the colossal collection continues to keep customers company.  Renovations, additions, or any other change to the Clown Motel is okay, as long as the clown collection remains.


Buyer beware, the hotel is said to be haunted.  The hotel is next to a cemetery in a mining town that has experienced a lot of tragedy, which could explain the possible paranormal peculiarities.  A 2015 episode of “Ghost Adventures” explored the site and adjacent cemetery.


“A housekeeper at The Clown Motel, Andrea Selig, says that she has experienced extreme anxiety in all of the motel’s rooms before and has seen doors shut by themselves.” –Ghost Adventures

One account, from a guest who stayed at the hotel, alleges issues with electronic equipment.  The guest also claims to have been touched on the face from a phantom finger.


So, if you are in the market for a haunted creepy clown motel, Nevada is the place to shop.  All the ingredients for possible paranormal pandemonium appear to be in place.  Better hurry though; there have already been seven offers on the establishment.

Source and Images Your Mileage May Vary, Travel Channel

Additional Clown Motel photos courtesy of Sid Graves/Cemetery Prints


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