The Void VR firm to launch first original experience “Curse of the Serpent’s Eye”

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Just a couple weeks ago, Disney announced its lineup of creative tech firms that will benefit from its Accelerator program, advancing entertainment technology in a number of different fields. Among the companies listed was The Void, a mixed-reality VR enterprise founded by former stage magician and visual effects artist Curtis Hickman, along with entrepreneur James M. Jensen and CEO Cliff Plumer.

Now, The Void has announced, via a feature story in the pages of Variety, that it will finally premiere its first original virtual reality experience “Curse of the Serpent’s Eye” next month, after demoing the game at the 2016 TED Conference and for celebrity visitors like Aaron Paul last year.


The Void has become best known for its licensed “Ghostbusters” attraction in New York City, and for its state-of-the-art haptic feedback VR gear that helps immerse players into fully-realized fictional environments.

Based on the description in Variety, “Curse of the Serpent’s Eye” (the company’s first wholly original public endeavor) sounds like an Indiana Jones-esque adventure through an ancient catacomb filled with spiders, ghosts, and of course snakes. The virtual reality experience is accentuated by physical effects such as wind, tangible props, and seven hundred square feet of roaming space to make the journey feel as authentic as possible.

“Curse of the Serpent’s Eye” will launch this August at The Void’s headquarters in Utah, before expanding to new locations in up to ten cities– including New York, Toronto, and Dubai– before the end of the year. Be sure to visit the company’s official website for more information on its forays into mixed-media virtual reality.

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