Nostalgic and memorable music we want to hear in Universal’s Super Nintendo World

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Super Mario World Castle Theme – SNES

Every game has its dark and ominous levels that require some dark and ominous music. Any one of the castle levels from “Super Mario World” provide the perfect example. This was the perfect menacing music to accompany those frustrating stages of this great game.

Where it would fit: Like Peach’s Castle, a shadowy and ominous Bowser’s castle can also be found in the concept art. Whether this is an attraction or a shop, this music would fit perfectly there.

Super Smash Bros. Kongo Jungle – Nintendo 64

Ok, “Donkey Kong Country” for the SNES is probably my favorite complete video game soundtrack of all-time and I would love to hear all of that music in the park. However, just picking that would have simply required me to share a Youtube playlist and call it a day. So, rather than, I decided to take the punchier, more up-tempo version of the main theme that was featured in “Super Smash Bros.”

Where it would fit: It has been rumored that a portion of the land will be dedicated to Donkey Kong. This music would work well in that section.

Donkey Kong Country Mine Cart Madness – SNES

I couldn’t get through this article without choosing anything from “Donkey Kong Country.” The intensity of this music would make it perfect for some sort of dark thrill-ride. Hint hint.

Where it would fit: The rumored Donkey Kong mine cart coaster could be one of the most technologically advanced thrill-rides ever made. The mine carts have pretty much been a staple of Donkey Kong games and so there are options, but this is my personal favorite.

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