Disneyland does away with reentry hand stamps, ending a long tradition at Walt’s original Magic Kingdom

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For many years now, Disneyland guests have gotten used to the act of having their hands stamped as they exit the park gate, especially if they plan on returning later in the day. The stamps, in conjunction with tickets, allowed guests reentry into the park on the same day after being viewed under a black light, and were changed daily to reflect a new character or phrase from Disney’s many intellectual properties.

Now, as first reported by our friends at the Orange County Register, the famed reentry hand-stamps have become a thing of the past. Disneyland’s new policy (along with sister theme park Disney California Adventure) will involve taking a photo of every guest who enters the park, which will then be tied to their admission ticket in the Disneyland Resort computer system, eliminating the need for the stamps.

As Disneyland regulars are already aware, the process of taking these photos (which was already in place for multi-day tickets and Annual Passholders at the resort) can slow down the entrance lines at both parks. Perhaps Disneyland should explore adding a “first time entry” queue for those who would require having their photos taken.

Either way, this change means the end to a long tradition at Disneyland, where many guests would request a hand stamp even if their level of admission did not require one. Like it or lump it, it’s yet another step in the sixty-plus-year evolution of one of the most famous and beloved theme parks in the world.


  1. Jordan

    Why not just put the same fingerprint scanners that are at Disney world?

  2. John

    Don’t like the idea Disney having my picture on file? What happens if we say no to photo?

    1. Mike Celestino

      I imagine you wouldn’t be allowed entry into the park, but you’ll have to try it to find out!

    2. Victoria

      In Florida if you don’t want to use the finger scanners, you can show an ID. I imagine it might be the same over there.

  3. Scott

    Your fooling yourself if you think Disney doesn’t have a thousand pictures of you throughout the day while inside the park.

  4. Aladar

    Why don’t they just use digital information on the tickets like they do at Disneyland Paris??

  5. Rebecca

    A step in the right direction, because some of the cast members who were supposed to be watching guests exit the park (at least the day I left DCA to cross over to DL) were just chatting with each other and NOT stopping guests to stamp their hands. So, you get all the way to the DL entrance (halfway thru your day’s visit on a park hopper ticket) and the CM there won’t let us in. I had to show her pictures on my phone of the three of us taken over in the other park to prove we’d already been in one park and were coming now to the other. At least I had that. If I hadn’t any pics of us on my phone we would have had to go back and get the lazy DCA CMs (teens) to do their job properly. This was on July 3rd. I figured they didn’t stop us to stamp our hands so maybe we didn’t need it to be done (I’m more used to the WDW system).

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