Disney decor from Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain comes to life through 3D printing magic

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Thanks to the magic of 3D printing, you can now create your own Disney decor.

A Disney fan and Thingiverse user used photogrammetry to capture images of the Haunted Mansion plaque and the Br’er Rabbit plaque from Splash Mountain. By downloading the photo files, users can build a 3D model for printing.

Unless you print in color, you’ll have to use some painting skills to fully bring the plaques to life. Downloads for the Haunted Mansion plaque are available here, while Br’er Rabbit files can be downloaded here.

Disney attractions aren’t the only options for 3D printing fun. A Pixar-inspired lamp will surely make your workspace more enjoyable, and you can download files to create one here.

You’ll need 3D modeling software (Blender is an example of free software) and a 3D printer to create your own Disney decor at home.

Do you have any 3D-printed Disney items? Share your photos with us!

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