8 Spider-Man comic book panels we’d like to see leap from the page into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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5. The Prowler

It was recently confirmed that Donald Glover will be playing Aaron Davis A.K.A. the Prowler. The masked criminal-turned-vigilante-hero has come face to face with Spidey multiple times over the years. In fact, the Prowler is one of the few characters to have ever fought both Spider-Man and the Vulture.

Glover’s talent would be terrible to waste as a one-off character. The Prowler could easily fit into future stories down the road for Spidey and could easily work into the MCU. Perhaps Netflix would be a good home for him.

Of course, in the movies the character’s costumes tend to look a bit more modernized. So if the Prowler does show up in full costume,  he will probably look a little less like the panel above and a little more like this:

6. A Modern Costume

7. Shocker

Another one of Spider-Man’s greatest and longest-running foes, Shocker uses tech that projects vibrational blasts out of the gauntlets on his hands. First debuting in “Amazing Spider-Man #46” in 1967, Shocker has been a thorn in Spidey’s side for 50 years.

8. That was easy

Defeating this villain for the first time was not nearly as complicated though. A simple web shot took care of the job. Don’t write him off yet though. Yes, he was easily defeated the first time, but Shocker has come back again and again in the comics. In the comics, he invented his tech himself. Perhaps a run in with the Tinkerer down the line could make him more of a threat for future Spider-Man movies.

With all of these villains lining up, Spider-Man certainly has his work cut out for him in the MCU. Luckily for him, history tells us that he’ll be able to handle them with no problem. And 55 years of Spider-Man comics provide us with a lot of history.



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