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  1. Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is a fun and well structured blockbuster which is something I haven’t been able to say about any of the other movies in the DC Extended Universe. There are so many great things about this movie. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is a fantastic character and is more than capable of carrying her own movie. I can see this character becoming a truly positive role model for many young girls. The supporting cast is, for the most part, also very strong although I would argue that a couple of the characters were very underdeveloped. I thought that, from the supporting cast, Chris Pine was an obvious standout as his comedic delivery was essential to the film. Wonder Woman’s romantic relationship with Chris Pine’s character was also very well done as their dialogue was well written and the two actors had great chemistry. Having said that there were a couple of significant moments where their feelings for each other were a little forced and/or rushed. This film’s action set pieces are spectacular and the visuals are also outstanding (although there were a few shots which had some very noticeable CGI).

    As I said before the film’s story is well-structured and, despite a few slower sections in the second act, it is very engaging. However there is nothing particularly groundbreaking about the story. The first act is a pretty standard superhero origin story set-up and, in the last act, the film provides yet another CGI-stuffed climax which is so common in superhero films (particularly in the DCEU). However what separates this film’s over-the-top climax from something like Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman is that, through all the in-your-face action, Patty Jenkins never loses sight of the characters, the story and the themes.

    It is also very difficult not to compare this movie to Captain America: The First Avenger (a film which disappointed me) as both films have their heroes fighting in one of the World Wars. In fact I’m sure some DC haters/Marvel fanboys will be tempted to call this film a complete rip-off. Both films attempt to strike a balance between a classic Raiders of the Lost Ark-style adventure, a modern superhero movie and a war film. In my opinion Wonder Woman gets this balance just right and, as a result, manages to overcome its Marvel counterpart. This is because, unlike Captain America: The First Avenger, Wonder Woman properly utilizes the World War setting and never becomes too cheesy. Patty Jenkins realized you cannot place a character in one of the most horrific moments in mankind’s history and not at least hint at some of the horrors of war. I absolutely adored this film’s use of its historical setting. My favorite action set-piece from this entire film was when we got to see a great war scene with Wonder Woman fighting alongside Allied soldiers in the trenches.

    Overall I really enjoyed this movie and I hope that it can be a turning point for both the DCEU and female led superhero films. It had a wonderful lead superhero, a great supporting actor/romantic interest, an amazing setting, emotional resonance, a really good score and a very refreshing feeling of adventure.

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